Planning for Spring Break might look a little different to you now than it did in years past. Before you had kids, planning a day at the beach required little more than deciding which swimsuit to wear and remembering to pack sunscreen. However, just because that carefree approach may be a thing of the past doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your trip to the beach this year. Our team at Beach Water Sports wants you to take a deep breath and remember that a fun day at the beach is possible with these expert tips. Taking kids to the beach

1. Arrive Early

Timing is everything, particularly when it comes to staking out a good spot at a popular beach. If your kids are still little enough that you need to work around a nap schedule, an early arrival time will make that easier. If they’ve graduated to no naps, or just an afternoon nap, hitting the beach early will still mean you’ll enjoy less crowds and you can get indoors before the sun is at its strongest.

2. Plan Your Haul

Unless you have more adults than children hitting the beach, you’ll need some help getting your gear from the car to the sand. Rolling carts with tough, sand-ready wheels are a smart asset, and some brands feature main compartments made of mesh to allow wet or sandy toys to drain while you walk back to your car.

3. Spring for a Tent or Shelter

If your kids are still little, invest in a small tent that folds flat and stores in a zip-up carrying case so your babies will have a shady, protected place to take a seaside nap. This type of tent will be much easier to haul to and from your sandy spot than a big beach umbrella. Trust us: This will make your day that much better.

4. Look Beyond the Beach

We love the beach. It’s in our nature. However, many people come to Florida and sit in the sun for a week without considering beachside activities that can make fun and exciting memories. Don’t become too much of a beach bum. Instead, consider renting one – or more! – of the following: At Beach Water Sports, we offer all of these and more. If your vacation brings you to the greater West Palm Beach area, look us up! Contact Beach Water Sports today at 561-745-6900 to find out more or to get a jump-start on making reservations.
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