Pontoon Boat Rentals

There’s truly no better way to enjoy the bright waves and sunny skies of the Florida coast than by getting out and enjoying the sandbar and clear intracoastal waterway with a pontoon boat rental. At Beach Water Sports, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality, affordable boat rentals. If you’re looking for a way to immerse yourself fully in the beautiful outdoors of the Sunshine State, request a reservation online or contact us at 561-745-6900 (Jupiter) or 772-225-2000 (Stuart).

West Palm Beach Pontoon Rental
22′ Pontoon Boats

Furnished with comfortable seating, a 22′ pontoon is sure to please your whole group. Up to 10 passengers can fit on this boat.

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West Palm Beach Pontoon Boat Rentals
24′ Pontoon Boats

The larger 24′ pontoon has adequate space for up to 12 passengers.

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Pontoon Boat Rental West Palm Beach
25′ Pontoon Boats

With a capacity of 12 people and ample storage for food and beverages, the 25′ pontoon is like having your own personal island for sun bathing, lounging, or picnicking on the water.

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Each of our boats comes equipped with everything you need to safely enjoy your time on the water. This includes life jackets, a whistle or horn, an anchor, a bimini or T-top for shade, and throw cushions. Pontoon boats in particular are ideal for grandparents and children, since their low platforms make it easier for those with limited mobility to access the boat.

At Beach Water Sports, we’re committed to making your vacation as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer private boat tours, deck boat rentals, and fishing boat rentals, as well as kayaks, jet skis, and paddleboard rentals.

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If you’d like to make the most of your vacation, contact us at 561-745-6900 (Jupiter) or 772-225-2000 (Stuart). For added convenience, make an online reservation request.