Are your kids ready to have the high seas adventure of their lives? Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures in West Palm Beach, FL, is an interactive treasure hunt that’s sure to delight your little swashbucklers on your next Florida vacation.

When not out doing your own ocean exploring on your Jet Ski rental from Beach Water Sports, you can find the Black Sparrow docked at 200 East 13th St in Riviera Beach, FL.

As members of the Black Sparrow crew, your kids will become full-fledged members of the pirate crew as mini-mates. After swearing the Black Sparrow oath, the newly appointed pirates will assist the Black Sparrow’s Captain in reclaiming the treasure stolen from him by the dread pirate Jack and his nefarious crew on Peanut Island.

No child is left out of the fun on the Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures. Each one of the mini-mates will get their turn to fire the ship’s enormous water cannons at would-be attackers and defend their new pirate family. Young ladies who are interested in joining the crew shouldn’t be apprehensive. There’s no discrimination on the Black Sparrow and some of the most feared and revered pirates of all time were women!

You should be at the marina at least 30 minutes before your appointment to go out on the ship. The kids need a little extra time to don their pirate apparel, paint their faces, and get introduced to the pirate lingo they’ll be using throughout the experience.

Your kids won’t soon forget their exhilarating voyage aboard the Black Sparrow. If you’re in need of your own vessel for some relaxation after hanging out with pirates all day, head to Beach Water Sports and get your hands on an accommodating boat rental. We have everything you need for your own aquatic adventure this summer. Contact us at 561-745-6900 and let us help you get the most out of your next Florida vacation.

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