If you’re a married man with kids, “guy time” is probably few and far between. With all of your work and family responsibilities, you likely don’t prioritize time with your friends. Vacation time is saved for family time or quick getaways with your spouse, and the last time you had a trip with the guys was your bachelor party. At Beach Water Sports, we think now is the perfect time to take a trip with just the guys to recharge and come back a better father, husband, and friend. Check out these three tips to start planning your awesome guys’ trip.

Guys' Beach Trip

1. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Because these types of trips are so rare, you don’t want to waste your time bringing along friends with who you don’t travel well. Just because you’re friends with someone, doesn’t mean they’ll be a good travel companion, so stick to your closest friends- the ones you know you can jive with for hours at a time. This way you won’t find yourself annoyed while on the road or frustrated when you can’t agree on the itinerary. Remember, this trip is meant to help you relax and recharge, so don’t invite anyone that will get in the way of that.

2. Choose a Great Destination

When planning a great guys’ trip, it’s all about the type of experience you want to have. Do you want to go to a city and experience the nightlife? Or would you rather spend some time out in the sun and sand? Or perhaps time on a great golf course is more your speed. The type of experience you want to have will dictate the destination you choose, so make sure to discuss your goals ahead of time.

3. Choose Awesome Activities

Finally, if you choose a beach destination for your guys’ weekend, make sure you consider beachside activities that can make fun and exciting memories. Don’t become too much of a beach bum, instead consider renting jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, or even a boat for a whole day out on the water.

At Beach Water Sports, we offer all these rentals and more. If your guys’ trip brings you to the greater West Palm Beach area, look us up! Contact Beach Water Sports today at 561-745-6900 to find out more or to get a jump start on making reservations.

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