If you are planning your next vacation near West Palm Beach, we know access to the ocean and all it has to offer is a top priority. It’s the same for us. That’s why Beach Water Sports offers jet ski rentals to visitors to the coastal waterways. If you’re planning to cruise the surf on a jet ski, here are a few quick facts for you to consider on your way to get your rental.

Beach Water Sports Stuart Florida Jet Ski Rental Guide

Who Can Rent a Jet Ski

Chances are, if you are planning to rent a jet ski, you have places you want to see and waves you want to conquer. At Beach Water Sports, we want you to have fun all while following the rules that are in place for your safety. Children cannot drive a jet ski, but if you’re 16 years old, you can rent one with permission from a guardian over the age of 18. Anyone 18 or over can drive and rent a jet ski.

If you have family who wants to join in, the more the merrier! Three people can ride on a jet ski together. So, if you’re on a family vacation, this can be the perfect rental for you.

What to Bring with You

Along with anticipation, bring your photo id with you for a rental. If you are not an adult but over the age of 16, along with your photo id, bring your boating safety card and signed guardian waiver.

For those over 18 and born before January 1, 1988, all you need is your photo id. If you were born after that date, you will also have to have a boating safety card.

No boating safety training? No problem! We offer a temporary boating safety card test on site. If you take the test, the fee is $3 and you must arrive an hour before you plan to head out on the water. The temporary boating safety license lasts for 12 months.

Why Choose a Jet Ski

There are benefits to different types of water sport rentals. We offer SUP rentals, boat rentals, and more, so we know the benefits and downsides of each type of rental. Jet skis offer mobility, space for more than one person, and a way to see a larger part of the West Palm Beach waters in a shorter amount of time.  

If you and your family are planning to visit West Palm Beach and want to ride the waves on a jet ski rental, contact Beach Water Sports at (561) 745-6900 and request a free rental quote today!

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