If you’ve been looking for a fun way to get outside and get your body moving, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) might just be the activity for you. Many beginners step foot on a paddle board for the first time out of curiosity, but they keep coming back because it is a fun and extremely rewarding activity. If you’re still not sure if it’s for you, our team at Beach Water Sports hopes to convince you with this list of unexpected benefits you’ll reap when you try paddle boarding.

Unexpected Benefits of Paddle Boarding

1. Unexpected Mental Benefits

If you’ve ever watched someone paddle board, you’re probably not surprised to learn that it requires a great deal of coordination and is a great workout. It’s not hard to imagine the various muscles working in unison to keep you standing, as well as propelling you through the water. However, you may be surprised to learn of the mental benefits that have been attributed to paddle boarding. Of course, your mind has to work hard to get your body to cooperate; however, there are also many positive effects of being outdoors and connecting with nature. Pair that with the therapeutic effect of water, and your body and mind will be singing paddle board praises.

2. Unexpected Environmental Awareness

If you love nature and want to see it in a way that you’ve never seen it before, then paddle boarding absolutely is for you. Paddle boarding allows you to be immersed in nature, and directly feel the ebbs and flows of the ocean. Connecting with the water in this way also brings about a heightened sensitively to issues surrounding both our local and global environment.

3. Unexpected Posture Improvement

Without even realizing it, we have become a society that sits. Many of us spend the majority of our time sitting at a desk, hunched over paperwork, a keyboard, or our phones. This leads to back and mobility problems and a highly compromised posture. Paddle boarding can help alleviate the strain placed on your spine, while the actions required serve to strengthen the muscle groups responsible for maintaining good posture.

At Beach Water Sports, we want our customers to experience all the benefits of stand up paddle boarding. In addition to our stand up paddle board rentals, we also offer a variety of boats for rent from our Stuart, FL, and Jupiter, FL, locations. Contact us today at (561) 745-6900 (Jupiter) or (772) 225-2000 (Stuart).

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