Are you a lover of outdoor adventure? Or maybe you’re visiting West Palm Beach and are looking for a memorable experience? No matter what has you researching outdoor water sports, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone in West Palm Beach needs to try the following top-four water sport adventures.

1. Paddle board along the Florida coast.

A relatively new water sport, paddleboarding offers a great way to get fit and enjoy the coast at the same time. If you’re new to the paddle board (also called stand up paddle boards, or SUPs), you can rental a paddle board and talk to a SUP rental specialist about how to get started.

2. Catch some waves on a jet ski.

Enjoy the Intracoastal Waterway like never before! If you’re tired of just lounging on the beach, then a jet ski rental may be just what you need. You can rent a jet ski that fits up to three people comfortably, so you can bring along your friends or family members. Rates are usually by the hour or half hour.

3. Explore Jupiter Island on a kayak adventure.

Just off the coast of West Palm Beach is Jupiter Island. You can check it out by kayak, enjoying the natural surroundings while you glide through the water. Kayak rentals also offer great health benefits, giving you a good upper-body workout as you enjoy the Florida sun.

4. Go water skiing on a boat rental.

Have you ever been water skiing? Or maybe you want to go tubing behind a ski boat rental? Then definitely look into a ski boat rental. A ski boat is great if you want a water sport activity that you and five other people can enjoy together.

For all your paddle board, jet ski, kayak, and boat rental needs in West Palm Beach, Beach Water Sports has what you need. You can call our Jupiter, FL office today at 561-745-6900 to ask questions or reserve a water sport rental.

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