It’s a perfect Florida day—the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky. You’re ready to spend some time at the beach but don’t feel like just sitting on a towel all day. You’re ready for some action and are considering a kayak rental. If you’re on the edge and still a bit unsure, here’s what you need to know about kayaking.


1. You don’t have to be a pro.

Many people think that kayaking is a difficult watersport. You see it in the Olympics, so you have to be athletic to do it, right? Nope. Even people with no kayaking experience can enjoy an afternoon of paddling along the Palm Beach coast.

2. You can take a friend—or enjoy some alone time.

Kayaking is great for both introverts and extroverts alike. Depending on whether you want togetherness or solitude, we carry both one- and two-person kayak rentals.

3. You can feel good about eating those French fries.

Did you know that in addition to being fun, kayaking has many health benefits? That’s right! You can be paddling along the Florida coast, taking in the sights, while at the same time be burning some calories.

Throw in your beach towel, and say hello to your new favorite water activity: kayaking. Beach Water Sports is a premier watersport rental company that carries everything from kayak rentals and paddleboard rentals to jet skis and pontoon boat rentals. You never have to sit bored on the beach again!

To rent a kayak, all you have to do is contact either one of our Beach Water Sports locations:

Let Beach Water Sports help you turn a great Florida day into an even better one that you’ll never forget.

photo credit: Kayaking – Tasik UTM via photopin (license)
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