At Beach Water Sports, we know the most engaging ways for beachgoers to escape the cold winter weather and truly enjoy the sun and sand. That’s why we offer boat, jet ski, kayak, and paddle board rentals. With so many rental options, you’ll be able to choose an activity that best suits your desired intensity level. Do you want a low impact activity that’ll improve your aerobic fitness and strength? Choose one of our kayak rentals. Kayaking not only is fun – it’s great exercise!

Health Benefits of Kayaking

Condition Your Core

When watching someone paddle a kayak, you may think they are only utilizing their arm and shoulder muscles; however kayaking is also great for strengthening the core. Does this mean you’ll get 6-pack abs from kayaking? Actually, it means so much more! Your core involves at least 35 different muscle groups, and strengthening it can improve your mobility and daily life. A few things you might notice as a result of kayaking regularly:

  • Daily activities, like putting on shoes, are easier.
  • Soreness when performing on-the-job tasks or sitting in an office chair is reduced.
  • Back pain is reduced.
  • Mobility when playing sports or doing chores is enhanced.
  • Balance and stability is increased.
  • Posture improves.

Other Health Benefits

Better Health Channel lists these additional health benefits from an exhilarating kayak workout:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness. Thanks to kayaking, you’ll improve your heart’s health.
  • Increased muscle strength. While rowing, you’ll be rotating and applying pressure with your legs. Along with gaining strength in your torso and legs, you’ll also work your back, arms, and shoulders.
  • Reduce risk of injury. Although paddling is an exercise, it’s a low impact activity. You’ll have a reduced risk of wear-and-tear on joints and tissues.
  • Improved mental health. When you’re enjoying the picturesque waterways of Jupiter, Florida, not only will kayaking improve your physical well-being, it will also be a peaceful and meditative experience for your mind.

Beach Water Sports

At Beach Water Sports in Jupiter, Florida, we want your vacation to be full of fun and relaxation, so we recommend one of our quality kayak rentals for your sightseeing adventure. To find out more or to check our availability, contact us today at (561) 745-6900.
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