It’s incredibly easy to let yourself go when on vacation in Jupiter, FL. Between relaxing at the beach and eating out at some fantastic restaurants, you can add a few pounds without even meaning to. If you want to avoid putting on those extra five pounds but still feel like you’re on vacation, we at Beach Water Sports recommend these fun, calorie-burning activities in Jupiter, FL.

1. Take a walk.

Instead of spending all day just sitting on a beach chair, get up and walk the beach every hour or so. This small amount of exercise keeps you from being too sedentary, and you can still enjoy the sun, surf, and people-watching along the way.

2. Try your hand at paddle boarding.

One of the latest crazes in Jupiter is paddle boarding—a cross between surfing and kayaking. The great thing about getting a paddleboard rental is that it’s so much fun, you don’t even realize you’re burning calories at the same time. You can paddle board by yourself or with a friend and explore the Florida coast.

3. Choose healthy beach snacks.

Instead of grabbing the big bag of barbecue chips, pack veggies, fruit, cheese, and crackers for when you get the munchies. Be sure to also drink plenty of water, not only to help you feel full, but also to stay hydrated while you’re out in the sun.

4. Do some yoga on the beach.

If you enjoy yoga, many Jupiter visitors enjoy an early morning yoga session on the beach. You will get your fitness in, but will also finish feeling refreshed by your surroundings.

5. Grab a friend and a kayak rental.

A great way to explore Jupiter Beach while getting some exercise is with a kayak rental. H20 Craft Rentals & Repair have both one- and two-person kayak rentals that offer a great cardiovascular and upper-body workout as well as a good time!

With H20 Craft Rentals & Repair, you can beat that vacation weight without feeling like you have to spend long hours at the gym. To book a paddleboard rental or kayak rental, contact H20 Craft Rentals & Repair at 561-745-6900 in Jupiter, FL. You can also check out our rates or make a rental request online!

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