A stand up paddle board rental, or SUP, is incredibly fun. But did you know that paddle boarding also comes with a lot of physical and mental benefits as well? That’s the best kind of workout – one that does feel like a workout! In this article, the team at Beach Water Sports will discuss the advantages of getting out on the water on a SUP.

The Benefits of a Paddle Board Rental

Work on Your Balance

By exercising the tiniest stabilizing muscles in your feet and legs, stand up paddle boarding constantly tests your balance and helps you tone and improve your entire body. With little chance of damage, the low-impact sport also targets the main muscular groups in your arms, back, legs, and core. Other hobbies where balance is important, like surfing, tennis, yoga, and football, will benefit from your ability to maintain your balance on an unstable surface.

Work on Your Core

When paddle boarding, it’s understandable to assume that your arms are doing all of the work. However, your core is actually what propels you through the water. If you use the proper technique, each stroke is like a mini-crunch for your abs. Keep your knees extended while you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place the paddle in the water at arm’s length and bring it alongside your board, keeping the blade perpendicular, with one hand on top of the paddle and the other on the shaft. You can even work your obliques by rotating your core as you paddle.

Work on Your Mind

It is becoming more and more clear that “blue spaces,” which include surroundings like lakes, rivers, canals, and the sea, can also boost mental health and wellness alongside “green spaces.” Spending time in blue space can improve your quality of life, make you happier, lower your stress, and help you to be more friendly and charitable.

If you’re looking for a little more speed and excitement, Beach Water Sports also provides boat rentals and jet ski rentals to the West Palm Beach area, including Jupiter and Stuart. Contact us today at (561) 745-6900 to request a quote.

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