Boat Rental Boca RatonAre you looking for fun water activities to do while vacationing in Boca Raton, FL? Then grab your sunblock and bathing suit, and consider renting a boat from Beach Water Sports. We have a wide selection of quality boats that are yours for the renting. So depending on what type of boating experience you want, you have several boat rental options.

Ski Boats

Do you love water skiing? Maybe you just have the itch to enjoy a faster pace out on the ocean? Well, you don’t have to convince us that a ski boat rental is a fun option no matter what watersport you want to enjoy. Our ski boats have powerful engines that will get the job done and can accommodate up to six passengers.

Pontoon Boats

If you have a larger group that just wants to enjoy the water, the sun, and the ocean breeze, then a pontoon boat is a great option. We have a few different pontoon options that can fit anywhere from 10 to 12 passengers, depending on which model you choose.

Fishing Boats

Whether you want to head to deeper waters or fish right off the Boca Raton shore, you’re going to love Florida fishing with one of our beautiful fishing boat rentals. We have several options and some extras (like a depth finder) in case you want to enhance your fishing expedition.

Deck Boats

If all you want is a quality boat to do some fine cruising, check out our deck boats. You can fit between 6 and 8 passengers for a day of water play and soak in those Florida rays. To find out more about our boat rental options or to get a rental rate, contact Beach Water Sports of Jupiter, FL, today at 561-745-6900. We’d be glad to tell you about all our watersport options and help you enjoy a day of great boating in Boca Raton.   photo credit: public domain via pixabay
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